"The cost of everything is rising everywhere.  While Adams County remains the most affordable county in the metro area, families are feeling the squeeze."   

Steve O'Dorisio

Strong Economy

To combat rising cost of living, Steve advocates for a strong economy bolstered by higher-paying jobs.  

More Housing Choices

As demand for housing outpaces supply, the cost of housing increases.  To combat rising housing costs, Steve promotes public-private partnerships and other policies to increase the housing supply (i.e. the "missing middle") that provide options for new families and aging adults.  

Smart & Balanced Growth

Steve knows that smart and balanced growth needs to benefit existing residents, not just create more burdens. 

Experience & Accomplishments

Steve O'Dorisio is the BEST candidate for Adams County Commissioner (District 4) because he has a track record of success in promoting a strong economy, creating more affordable housing choices, and implementing smart & balanced growth. 

Steve Fights for More Housing Choices for New Families and Aging Adults

Steve Promotes Higher-Paying Jobs and Higher Wages

Steve Supports Affordable Housing for Those In Need

Steve Supports Helping Foster Kids Aging Out

Steve Helped Get Legal Representation for Those Facing Eviction


Small Business & Local Farming

Steve supports small businesses and local farming.

Strong Economy

Steve was recognized as Aurora Chamber of Commerce "Man of the Year" because of his support for local businesses. 

Protecting Businesses

 During COVID, Steve worked hard to help businesses stay open. 

Providing Resources

Steve helps connect businesses with resources they need to survive.


Housing Builders

Steve is the ONLY  candidate for District 4 endorseendorsed by the folks who build homes for the community, the Home Builders Association of Metro Denver / Metro Housing Coalition

Real Estate Agents

Steve is the ONLY candidate for District 4 endorsed by the professionals who help people find and purchase their homes, Denver Metro Association of REALTORS

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