Champion for Public Safety

  • Funding Public Safety! Steve approved additional funding for more deputies for patrol division in Adams County Sheriff's Office, additional prosecutors in District Attorney's Office

  • Mental Health! Steve approved funding and supported establishing mental health co-responder program and mental health services in the jail.

  • Bringing People Together! Steve helped strengthen the relationship with law enforcement and the community through neighborhood meetings, town halls, and one-on-one meetings.

  • Supporting Firefighters! Steve helped fund hazard pay and new investments in fire departments.

To read more about Steve's record on public safety, click HERE.

Fighting for Clean Air

  • Holding Polluters Accountable! Steve fought for real accountability for "bad actors" who pollute in Adams County.

  • Champion for Transparency! Steve advocated for more transparency and monitoring of pollutants released into the air by polluters.

Working for Clean Water

  • Cleaning Up our Rivers! Steve fought for improved standards to our water quality in our rivers, such as the Clear Creek River and South Platte Rivers. Steve's testimony with other elected officials and community members helped the CDHPE Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC) reverse a bad decision from 2020 to keep low quality standards for the South Platte River and Clear Creek.

  • Clean Drinking Water! Steve is advocating for more resources to help our municipalities and water districts reduce/remove the PFOS/PFAS ("forever chemical") from our drinking water.

Promoting Curbs, Gutters, and Sidewalks

Steve helped bring new sidewalks in these neighborhoods:

  • Guardian Angel Neighborhood (56th Avenue)

  • Berkeley West (west of Lowell)

  • Berkeley East (east of Lowell)(In progress)

  • Lowell Street (connecting Goat Hill to Berkeley)

  • York Street (between Clear Creek and 78th)

Bringing New Revenues for Roads & Bridges

  • Gravel Roads Matter! Steve supported increases to the investments Adams County makes to gravel roads in eastern Adams County: was $50K per year, now $3M per year!

  • $20M More for Roads! Steve helped lead coalition of local leades to revamp Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) funding structure to bring in over $20M to Adams County per funding cycle (was about $4M before).

  • Renewed Sales Tax for Roads & Facilities! Steve co-chaired effort to ask voters if they wanted to renew the sales tax for roads and facilities... voters approved it by 82%!!!

  • RTD G Line Opens! Steve has been a strong advocate for pushing RTD to complete promised commuter rail lines!

Expanding Parks, Trails, and Open Space

  • Park Ranger Program Success! Steve helped established Park Ranger Program to keep open space and trails safe and reduce unauthorized camping.

  • Expanded Open Space! Steve helped get over 350 new acres of open space in Adams County.

  • Preserved Funding (without raising taxes)! Steve helped lead an effort to ask the voters if they wanted to approve an extension to the open space sales tax... it was approved by voters by over 80%! That shows the voters overwhelmingly support these investments of their hard-earned tax dollars.

Supporting Economic Development & Small Businesses

  • $4M Revolving Microloan Program! Steve was the champion for establishing a microloan program for small businesses to access capital.

  • SBDC + ECPAC = success! Steve brought together folks from the North Metro Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County (ECPAC) and proposed applying business principles (entrepreneurship) to a social problem (need for more child care providers). The result was the Child Care Provider Business Fundamentals Program. Click HERE for more details.

  • 2021 Aurora Chamber of Commerce Man of the Year! Steve received this recognition because of this advocacy and support for small businesses.

  • New Economic Development Opportunities! Steve has been instrumental in highlighting the economic development opportunities in Adams County.

Aerotropolis and Space Port take off!

  • Colorado Air & Space Port! Steve helped turn the old Front Range Airport into the new and innovative Colorado Air & Space Port (one of a dozen spaceports throughout the nation.

  • Aerotropolis Takes Off! Steve worked with fellow commissioners and Aurora city leaders to create the Aerotropolis Regional Transportation Authority, which is building over $200M of infrastructure.

Supporting Veterans

Supporting Ag and Rural Adams County

Prioritizing Health, Safety, and Quality of Life with Vibrant Energy Development

  • Vibrant Energy Development! Steve and team raised the bar on protecting health, safety, and quality of life while also providing a framework for successful oil and gas development. In spite of initial concerns about stifling the energy sector, the Adams County energy sector remains among the strongest in all of Colorado.

Standing Up for Adams County

  • Steve stands up to Denver International Airport for violating noise agreement! Steve was the first witness to testify in a trial to hold DIA accountable for violating the noise provisions of the agreement between Adams and Denver, resulting in a judgment in favor of Adams County for $33.5M!

More about Steve

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Quality of Life

The secret is out... Adams County is an amazing place to live.

Steve O'Dorisio

Economic Development

We must use our heads to pay for what our hearts want to spend.

Steve O'Dorisio

Standing Up

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